About Deanna's Playhouse

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play with purpose

Deanna’s Playhouse is a 15,000 square foot indoor, multi-purpose activity center for families with children. This vibrant non-profit facility is open to the public and designed to inspire the advanced creative development in all children, with a special focus on those aged 0-3.

Children love our stage, costume room, art studios, celebration rooms, music room, puppet theater, relaxation nook, storybook corner, and the mini-village; complete with roads, lakes, a store, a house, a bank, cars, boats, a lighthouse, and “Zebron the Magical Submarine.” Here imaginations can run wild! Positive creative growth and maturity is promoted through interaction with parents and the amazing “Power of Play.”

At no additional cost, we offer a free on-site Parent Resource Center, where certified Parent Educators are available to answer questions and offer advice to help you give your child the most advantageous early boost in life.

The entire indoor playground is designed as a contained, safe environment so children won’t disappear from sight. The universally accessible, barrier-free landscape easily accommodates all children, regardless of ability or disability. An interior cafĂ© (in close viewing distance), features refreshments.

Early Childhood Experts agree that play is child’s work. In a time where schools are cutting back on playtime and creative activities, and parents are relying on television and video games to occupy their children, we must remember that a child’s self-directive creative play is the primary way in which they learn about themselves, others, and the world.


Located within Life Services Parent Center 11172 Adams Street, Holland, MI 49423 (616) 396-7566



Monday through Saturday



$5 per person, children under 1 free